25 Years

For our 25th Anniversary in 2018 we came up with 25 ways to celebrate the big event. These range from goals to build our work in schools directly, to fundraising plans to support our work practically and some targets for us to bless others.  Below is a progress report. 

Please get in touch if you think you can help.



25 years

in 2018

1. A new van for Boys Noise/b:You programmes. £7,000+ raised so far!

2. Our new secondary programme ‘Unlimited’ launched. Done - read more here!

3. Three new prayer events. Done but more planned. Next date to be confirmed.

4. 25 Old mobile phones collected to raise funds. Done but we're still collecting! Let us know if you have any.

5. 25 young people mentored at secondary schools. We've trained up 10 mentors and are currently mentoring 6 students!

6. 25 miles Thames Path sponsored walk. Done. However, you can still sponsor here.

7. 25kgs of stamps and other collectables sent off to raise funds for us. Done but we're still collecting.

8. 25 Schools booking our Refresh Christian lessons. We're working on it!

9. £2525.25 raised from events organised by supporters. £1841 so far but we're working on it!

10. 25 new regular donors. 5 so far. Please consider a regular donation - get the form here.

11. 25 regular givers increasing their monthly gifts. 3 so far. Please consider increasing your donation.

12. 16 Churches booking our CRiBS tour in 2019. We're working on it! Dates now available so book early.

13. £2525.25 raised in a single sponsored event. We're working on it! We have events imminent. Details here.

14. Competition for the best ‘CRiBS in 25 words’ poster. Done.

15. To run a family celebration event. Done. This was our Christmas '25 Years Celebration'.

16. To bless all local schools with an Easter Gift. Done - boxes of chocolates delivered.

17. 25 Fundraising events initiated by supporters. 3 so far. Please consider an event. Coffee morning/Quiz night etc.

18. Collect 25 memories gathered from teachers, pupils and supporters. We're working on it!

19. A desktop calendar available for all supporters. Done for both 2018 and 2019.

20. 25 highlights gathered from 25 years. Done. A special 25 Years Newsletter was also produced in Summer 2018.

21. Provide free assemblies for local schools.(call us to book). We are providing training for volunteers - details here.

22. A CRiBS special bookmark for children we work with. Done.

23. A 25 year Special Newsletter with timeline. Done. '25 Years Newsletter'

24. Encouraging a free way to give through 'Amazon Smile'. Done. Details here.

25. Promote new programmes Boys Noise Bitesize, b:You Online and b:You confident to Bexley schools. That's ongoing!