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Year 6 Transition Workshops

CRiBS have designed our popular transition workshop. We give time and space for pupils to discuss and resolve worries and questions they may have about their transition to secondary school.

During the 90 minute workshop, pupils will:


▪Identify positive memories from their time at primary school

▪Consider what will be changing for them as they move to secondary school, and how they are feeling about these changes

▪Have opportunity to discuss any worries they may have, and answer the worries of others, if appropriate


The workshop is delivered in classrooms by two members of CRiBS staff. Resources can be delivered in advance if required.

▪Share their hopes and aspirations for the future

▪Ask any questions they may have, anonymously if they prefer

All resources and materials will be provided for the workshop, in packs for each pupil which will include a booklet to keep. All resources will be quarantined before workshop delivery.





The costs for the workshop are as follows, including all resources:

▪1 Form Entry - £175

▪2 Form Entry - £225

▪3 Form Entry - £275

To book or to find out more about any of our projects please contact the CRiBS Office


You can book now for Moving Up for delivery from June 13th onwards. Our transition workshops have proven very popular in the past, and we have limited capacity so we encourage you to book early.

Please email to book.

The CRiBS Team