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"The whole year has been very positive for me and helped me to grow in many different areas. I feel really inspired now!"

Koru Student 

The koru (Māori for 'loop' or 'coil') is a spiral shape used in Māori art which is based on the appearance of a new unfurling silver fern frond native to New Zealand. It symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. The ferns are highly adaptable, which is why they have thrived for so long.  So it seemed appropriate to use the symbol for our gap year programme in Bexley as young people join our CRiBS family.


In a koru, the fern fronds are tightly curled when they are young and slowly unfurl. So it is our intention to create the conditions for unfurling to take place for our students, to make space for God to do the very thing He is good at – developing us to our full potential.   


Koru provides:


  • A fun and friendly CRiBS family, where students will be accepted and valued. 

  • Open and exciting school communities ready to receive each unique contribution.

  • A Christian family home to relax, eat and sleep in. 

  • Being part of a vibrant local church, loving God and serving the community.



Interested? For more information see our Koru leaflet here or contact our office.

"I learned to take over responsibility; got challenged in areas that were a bit out of my normal comfort zone; it helped me grow in confidence" 

Koru Student 

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