CRiBS in Primary

"East Wickham Primary Academy has benefitted from CRIBS services over the past twenty years, we started with the fabulous Christmas and Easter 'shows' that relay the true messages with compassion, clarity and elements of humour, enabling children to relate to Christian messages through appropriately levelled language and well thought through themes. The children particularly enjoy the puppets and always go back to class chatting happily about the stories. 

A few years ago, we invited CRiBS to enhance our RE lessons at the school, seeing this both as teacher CPD and relatable lessons for the children. CRiBS worked closely with us to devise a programme across the school, from Reception to Year Six, carefully devising themes to support curriculum elements. This has been excellent on both counts and is now a valuable resource. 

Next, we looked for more intensive support for a group of children who would benefit from mentoring to improve their self-esteem and achievements. CRiBS offer the brilliant Boys Noise, which has now been running at EWPA since 2018. This provides both one to one counselling, coaching and male role models for children who may not have that positive influence in their lives and includes a wonderful after-school Club where the volunteers and boys have fun drumming, and playing active games etc. 

CRIBS are part of our life at EWPA and we are so grateful for their input."    Susan Manzi  Headteacher (retired) 

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RE Lessons

CRiBS team are in schools every day of the school week. We deliver a portfolio of specially prepared RE lessons (including for Nursery and Reception classes) covering all aspects of the Christian faith. Our lessons are compatible with the RE Syllabus of most schools.   All our lessons are written by the team and have been revised and honed over many years. 

In addition, we are also able to deliver lessons from the Understanding Christianity syllabus. 


From September 2021 we will also be delivering lessons from the new Bexley Agreed RE SyllabusClick here for more info.


CRiBS lessons have played a huge part in raising the standard of Christian teaching within the borough of Bexley.

See our 2020-21 report.

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For over 20 years we have been providing Christmas and Easter plays in primary schools.


While we are hoping to be able to offer schools a live production of our seasonal plays this year, subject to up-to-date Covid-19 restrictions, we will definitely be offering a pre-recorded, made for video online production. Contact us if you'd like access to this resource.

View our past seasonal productions on YouTube

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for boys

Boys Noise is hugely in demand by primary schools who are seeing pupils improve in social skills, academically and in their behaviour. It is a three stranded package of support which includes small group sessions and After-school club and access to a computer programme to help with literacy. It is offered over one term but has proved so successful that we are often invited to return.

See our brochure. See our 2020-21 report.

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for girls

b:You is similar in design to the Boys Noise programme but is adapted to explore the issues faced by primary school girls. It particularly encourages girls to 'Be yourself'; building their sense of value and social confidence through taking part in new activities together and discussing issues such as self image. See our brochure and also our flyers for b:You Online and b:You Confident. You can find our 2018-19 report here.


'Moving Up' is CRiBS' transition programme for Year 6 pupils heading for a new exciting destination! It includes a drama presentation followed by workshops and is designed to give pupils a 'smooth ride and landing' as they leave primary and join their new secondary schools.

See our 2020-21 report.

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We have a number of workshops available. Click on the links for more information:

Prayer (Year 3)
What about the church? (Year 5/6)
Big Questions (Year 5/6)
Moving Up - (Year 6)
CAP Money Kids Course (Year 5/6)

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We have been supporting schools by providing online assemblies with moral, spiritual and social principles applied. These are typically around 15 minutes long and are currently free to schools. They can be accessed at this link.

See our 2020-21 report.

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Our Living Values lessons have been very well received in primary schools. We offer a range of 'values' that can be delivered to classes or the whole school. Topics include Friendship, Thoughtfulness, Cooperation, Courage and Respect.

To book or to find out more about any of our projects please contact the CRiBS Office