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Our 'Unlimited' Secondary schools programme helps young people explore what they believe and value, reflect on differing perspectives and opinion, and develop respect and esteem for themselves and others. We believe the potential of young people is unlimited… and are determined to dismantle all barriers to them reaching their potential. 

Our Secondary work falls into two streams:

Living Values...

...and Growing Faith


Volunteers from local churches receive comprehensive training and are paired 1-to-1 with pupils identified by the school who are facing barriers to their learning. It provides bespoke support to these pupils, helping them to reach goals set between the mentor and mentee. Read more...


We deliver workshops on a wide range of topics – either to a targeted group or a whole class. These workshops give pupils

a chance to explore issues such as transition,

social media, stress and personal values and

provide a fresh perspective.

We also deliver the CAP Money: Kids course

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The Unlimited team can deliver citizenship lessons to your pupils. Our programme seeks to teach students to discover their value and the value of the community they are a part of, locally, nationally and internationally. The course encourages pupils to explore their mental, emotional, and physical health. It includes many aspects of the curriculum including British Values and PSHE. 

Christian Unions

The groups are led by students and supported by staff and CRiBS. Whether a Christian or not, CUs offer opportunity for debating different beliefs, questioning one another, growing in curiosity and becoming more self-aware. Our work here has also included partnering with TBY (Transform Bexley Youth) in running Youth Alpha courses for those wanting to explore the Christian faith more.

RE and Assemblies

We offer high quality RE lessons and assemblies which fit with the curriculum and are designed to encourage debate and the exploration of personal belief. 

Prayer Spaces

Prayer Spaces can provide valuable time for students to reflect, process and relax during the school day. They can support the spiritual development of pupils. The Unlimited team helps facilitate the creation of an engaging and interactive prayer space within schools. 

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To book or to find out more about any of our projects please contact the CRiBS Office